Hello! I need help

Hi Guys!


I just want your ideas. I want to understand, the purpose of wordpress. I mean I did create this page. But I have not posted in a year. So I guess, I am just looking for inspiration. Could you guys help me?

Please share why you write. What motivates you to post. What are you looking to achieve? It would really help me.




Happiness = Things?

Can happiness be equated to the number of things you have? The idea of happiness is different for different people. However, majority of us do believe that if you have money, you are happy. Is that true? Are materialistic possessions the barometer for happiness?

I highly disagree. I once read a quote by Jim Carrey which really struck a chord with me. The quote said, I hope everyone could get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so that they could see that it is not the answer. I truly agree with this. I know, right from the beginning an idea is instilled in our mind that you need to get rich and stable and you will be happy. That is just how our society works. But as you reach towards the end of your life and look back, you will realise, that is not what you were looking for or should have been striving for. There are other very important things in life.

Does that mean, I just stay happy and do not try to build my career because god knows that I hate my job. Absolutely not. Career, stability, money, house, job – all of these things are very important. But are they the most important things in life? That is something to think about. Of course you need money for survival and to be able to eat food and probably enjoy the luxuries of life which also give you happiness. But should that overshadow your relationships, your family, your own peace of mind?


How to make your bathroom beautiful!

Are you guys as obsessed with beautiful homes and surroundings as I am? I just feel if you look at beautiful things and surround yourself with them, it gives a very nice and happy feeling. Additionally, in todays day and age when everyone is so stressed about the tiniest things, it is the little things which could act as mood uplifters!

I understand that the meaning of beauty is very relative. What may appeal to one, may not appeal to another. So today I shall be sharing how in my opinion you could make your bathroom more welcoming and warm!


First of all – candles!

Candles really give me a soothing feeling. And like many of us here, I do while away a lot of my time in the bathroom, and so candles are a great keep! They not only look beautiful and act as decor piece but if you get the scented ones, they also help keep your washroom smelling great.



Purchase a set of soap dispenser which is quite easily available in the market and typically includes a dispenser, a toothbrush stand, a tray and maybe a soap dish. If you keep all of these of an interesting design that appeals to you, I promise this would really make your washroom appealing, because there are only so many things that you can actually keep in a loo!



Since there are not a lot of things you could keep in a loo, I feel that you should just play around with the essentials. Get a beautiful hand towel and maybe a matching bathroom mat. That would really add character and warmth to your washroom.



Keeping plants is also a great idea. You could go for a fake ones, or a small indoor plant that does not require a lot of maintenance or even a succulent!



Now this is something relatively new which I haven’t tried out yet but looks like a great idea. We all need to keep say toilet papers or towels in our washrooms. We could keep these things in an organised manner in beautiful cane basket or a rack and yet acting as a piece of decorative item something like in these photos.



Last, but not the least – fairy lights! I have been obsessed with fairy lights since a while now and putting those in your washroom could be great idea. They look extremely pretty. You could possibly surround your looking mirror with it or take a glass canister, fill it with some battery fairy lights and keep it in one corner of your washroom and it would look gorgeous.


These are some tips from my side on how to make your bathroom more appealing and warm. I hope these tips and hacks are useful to you guys too!

Unhealthy Lunching Today!

For lunch today, I had what I call the bread pizza. Extremely common and quick and easy to make but it just breaks the monotony of the everyday home cooked meal.

What you need is some chopped vegetables, regular tomato ketchup, a piece of bread, and of course cheese and you’re good to go!

I used some chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum, boiled corn. Grate your cheese (I used mozzarella) and spread it across the bread with a base of some ketchup. Load on your vegetables and I like to add extra cheese (I did mention the unhealthy part)  over this and this put in your microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on when your cheese starts to melt and you get a great pizza! I also like to add some chopped green chillies to my pizza as it just makes it a little spicy and gives it a little kick. Put on some oregano over it (I just used the dominos ones, yes I save them!) and you’re good to go!

This is absolutely delicious and very quick.

For all those of you who do not know how to cook or are looking for a quick snack, you need to try this one!

Self Satisfaction

Have you ever come across the kind of people who are never happy? Those who never are satisfied with what they have. Aiming for the best and constantly striving for excellence is a great quality, however, to what extent? I think that the feeling self-satisfaction is extremely important.

I have come across quite a few people who are always crying. Crying about not landing up a great job, crying about  not being able to get into a great college, crying about not being able to score well on exam, crying about not being anywhere near “my life’s 5 year plan”. I understand that, to some extent at least. I am one of those people on some days!

But to constantly whine about things not happening in your life is extremely negative. Whenever I am in that mode I try and concentrate on things going right in my life and draw positivity from that. My approach towards this is that if you have given your one hundred percent at the task in hand and even after that things do not fall in place, then instead on dwelling over that just draw satisfaction from the fact that you did everything in your power to succeed. At least you will have that self-satisfaction which is extremely critical to get over these things.

Do not get me wrong, I do not believe in settling for less or giving up or not try to achieve the best. However, I do believe in hard work and the fact that in the long run it will pay off in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. But just whining over the things gone wrong does nothing good for you or the people around you. Essentially what I mean is, in a more casual way – Suck it up and get on with it! This is what keeps me going and helps me remain positive and optimistic whenever things happen which get me down. images-3

Do you remember how Ted in How I Met Your Mother was extremely hopeful throughout that he will find the love of is life and in the end he did! Or how Sue in The Middle tried for every possible team throughout middle school and high school and upon not making it to every single one of them remained extremely positive and satisfied and hopeful and never stopped trying. That is the sort of person who I aspire to be and not let unhappiness become a part of my life but just let it be a phase (and a not a very long one)!


Stay satisfied with your efforts and remain true to yourself. Sooner or later things will start falling into place!

S’mores? I want some more!

Well today I decided to try out something new – S’mores! So I am aware of this snack since a while now but I had never ever tried it. I know it is quite common in the United States but not all around the world! I think I first got to know about it from one of the  American television series that I used to watch. My cousins who stay in the states had come to visit us and in one of our conversations my sister was just so surprised when she found out that I never ever in my life had tried S’mores! (And I was so surprised that why was this a surprise for her!)

So last week, I was just thinking about it and decided to try it out. Obviously, I referred to google! Well, did you guys know S’more comes from the words “Some more”. I read about it “some more” (hahaha) and found out that it earlier was called the Graham Cracker sandwich and later got popularised as S’mores.

So after getting all the ingredients I finally got down to trying it today.

What you need is – some crackers, some chocolate and some marshmallows and voila something absolutely delectable is produced. The taste something totally unique for me and it is just so simple to make.

What you need to do is roast some marshmallows. Traditionally, this was a campfire snack where children used to roast the marshmallows on the born fire but I just did it over my stove till it starts to brown a little and melt. After this, you simply need to sandwich the roasted marshmallow along with some chocolate between crackers and you get S’mores!

This snack is just so effortless and delicious that you could make it anytime and could act as a quick dessert!

It is a must try for all those of you who have never had it before!


What is the biggest problem you guys have faced in life? I am sure people have very different answers to this question. It could range from financial problems, to troubles in relationship with your partner, to not being able to decide your career path, to getting over someone. I have an answer that maybe a little different. In the past 20 something years of my life, one of the biggest issues I possibly have faced is procrastination.


What is procrastination? Wikipedia defines it as the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Well, very well depicted in the superb checklist above. I read this somewhere – Procrastination is the like a credit card. You have a lot of fun till the time you get the bill! And I definitely agree with this.

So how is this the one of the biggest problem in my life? Umm.. so have you ever experienced feeling horrible about yourself, dwelling over the past thinking of a happy place, but not being able to achieve that today. Just putting off some most important things to do for later, and probably never end up doing those or having very little time to do the same and then crying over the outcome.


The way you fell after this is quite literally the worst feeling ever. Why? Because this was something which was in your control. You could have possibly done a better job at completing that task, however, you did not just because in the moment you just did not feel like it and by the time you finally got down to it, it was too late. So your  straight goes to what if I had a little bit more time, which I did in the first place, had planned a little bit better. This what if scenario is what messes up with my head and makes me feel so terrible. That is the reason why I am calling this at least one of the biggest issues in my life if not the most important one.

Trust me, I googled quite a lot about it. I watched Tedx videos on how to overcome it. I even bought a planner to make checklists as the google suggestion did say that is helpful and the feeling of checking something off your to do list is great and helps you stay on track. I do not think so. I even tried meditating to improve my focus! Another great suggestion that came up on the internet. Guess what, it did not work for me either.

Well, I genuinely do not know how you get over procrastination. But what I do know is that it is not as simple as the internet makes it sound like. I think it just is more to do with the type of person you are and how much can you push yourself to accomplish a given thing. It probably just boils down to – How badly do I want it? If I keep that in mind, I push myself to just work towards things. I think that is the best way to look at it. Although genuinely I do feel if there were some sort of pills to get over this, they would definitely be a hot seller!

My Promise to myself in 2018

So I am not calling this resolutions simply because there is way too much importance  attached to this word and mostly I personally end up not accomplishing my resolutions, I guess like a lot of us. So 2018 is the year of certain promises I made to myself. And these are promises which I have made to myself and for myself and therefore I do not feel burdened by it and have a very positive feeling of working towards them to be able to accomplish them.


First of all, I want to do something for myself and that is take a step towards my health. Very cliché, I know! But what is the difference? I am actually going to do it this year. So I am not a very healthy person. I have zero physical activity whatsoever! My eating habits are quite poor. I miss meals and those which I actually do end up having are quite unhealthy too! However, if there is one thing that I really love is food. I love food, especially take out food! It is a little difficult for me personally to compromise on that. I need to work on that, I know. However, what I have decided to do is take up an activity. I have already signed up for the gym and started going! I plan on continuing it for this month and then maybe switching over to some other kind of exercise. Zumba sounds exciting!


Next on my list is to not fall asleep while watching Netflix. So this is not really related to health, but mostly a personal one. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix! I love watching television! However, if by the age I die, some sort og statistical data is calculated about how I spent my life, I do not want netflix to have a very horrifyingly high number! I am sure it already is quite high! Hence, I want to spend more time sleeping. I love that very much too!



Okay so I am not a reader. In my 20 something years of life, in total I may have read less than 5 to 7 books! I know, it’s bad! So this not because reading helps your language or helps you increase your knowledge. I just really want to read this year (and probably figure out what the fuss is about?) . I have not zeroed down on any genres to be honest. That is because I do not know a lot about reading. However, I do plan to begin this year.


Another thing I have decided for myself is to remain positive. I am not trying to sound very ideal. But, I will try and remain positive this year. I know during difficult times it gets extremely hard to stay in the right frame of mind and I have gone through something like that in the past year. The thing I have learnt is that your own personal head space is extremely critical for your own happiness. To remain positive, what probably has worked for me is not to dwell on the negative things in my life and not see everything as a disadvantage but to see myself in a much better position than perhaps many people in the world. Even if you cannot do that, just take inspiration from people you aspire to be. Surround yourself with positivity and constantly remind yourself that this is not rock bottom and that things could be a lot worse but they are not, so be happy about that. It may not work always, but for most parts, it does!

Very ordinary and basic promises, I am aware of that. But I would just like to think with 2018 getting over and me staying true and fulfilling these promises, I am sure it ought to feel good and that is what will keep me going!



The rant of existential crises, coming straight from my heart!

Have you ever felt the world around your completely crumbling down? Have you ever pondered what is the point of my life? What was I born to do? Well yes.. pretty basic – Existential crises. Phase of questioning everything, the point of your existence on planet earth, oh and there is some self loathe too!(Okay, not some but quite a lot)


A little background… I managed to fairly okay on my school and undergraduate degree, didn’t do well at all on the post-graduate entrance exam, and am not getting into even a mediocre business school. Thus the rant ( I promise to keep it short!) is stemming out of that.

Well so that happened. Completely disappointed myself and my family. Never imagined this scenario would come in my life. I have never been the topper or anything like that of my class but like i mentioned always did above average so there were certain expectations I had from life. This of course went all down the drain once the results came out and I was getting in nowhere. All the dreams I had of the future, of reaching certain places in life, career wise, seemed to be shattered. I questioned everything. Yeah the phase of “why is God doing this to me” did come in. Why is everybody doing so well in life when my life is now over! I went through all of that.

But now I am over it. I still have not gotten into a business school, I still do not know “what is the purpose of my life”, I still have not figured out will I ever be successful, and my life is still quite messed up because I do not know what I want to do in life and yet I am in a much better head space. It took time to a while to get here though.

No, I am not going suggest methods of how you get out of depression or a bad in phase in life. Well, in my case it took time, but I worked on it myself and have managed to reach to a much better state of mind.

So, there is no big secret or revelation. It is as simple as state of mind. You just need to keep your state of mind positive. Sounds really ideal and out of a book! I know. But it is the truth. I just kept on telling myself that even though this is rock bottom in my life, I am still better off than most other people in the world.

I’ll give you guys an example, once I was out and I saw an old man at a red light asking for money on a cold winter evening. He seemed so helpless! Did not even have proper clothes to protect himself from the unbearable cold! It is in that moment I felt so petty to think I have nothing in life and no purpose to look forward too. I have genuinely tried to blame it on external factors which are absolutely irrelevant like “oh, why is God doing this to me?” or “God please just get me into a good school”. Well, I realised hold on, God has better things to do you know. The higher power has not conspired to make your life turn out the way it did and that God has much better things to worry about than concentrate on such a small issue in my life. Well, I do believe in God and I am a firm believer in God helps those who help themselves.

Did I give in my 100% while preparing for my exams? No! Did I study even half as hard as I used to in school? No! Then why expect results? Miracles may happen as you hear so often about them. And I am sure they must happen and people do get lucky in life too. But luck is something which is not in your hands. What is in your hands is sheer determination for whatever it is you are trying to achieve in life. Why depend on luck for anything in life. I also used hope to get lucky for say a small exam at school and just do well, and we all think that. But why depend on that? Put in your hard work and then hope for luck. If it comes, great! If it doesn’t you still have your hard work which you put in which will get you results. And here’s the thing, even after hard work you may not achieve your goals. That is the harsh truth. It could be because any xyz reason. And that would make you feel even worse because you tried and did not succeed, which i think maybe worse than not trying and then not succeeding, because in this case you can always tell yourself, oh I will try hard the next time and achieve my goal. However, even in the former scenario even when you did  try and did not succeed, at least you have the satisfaction of not leaving any stone unturned to achieve that one thing! Very glass half full, half empty approach. I know! But trust me, in my personal opinion it genuinely is that! The state of mind you are in is critical! It worked for me to tell myself that things can and will get better and that my life is not completely doomed.